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Succession planning

From the analysis of our clients’ personal values, trajectory, history, family, property and vision of the future, we research and outline a plan of legal and procedural recommendations of the measures that can be taken to guarantee peace of mind with regards to liquidity, security, family and property in a succession event, in order to overcome issues that could potentially result in conflicts and concerns within the domestic environment.

With this objective in mind, succession planning includes the adoption of strategies aimed at preserving asset security and achieving the appropriate asset allocation from a family, civil, corporate and tax perspective when succession occurs. In addition to the intended allocation of family assets, these strategies consider the mitigation of legal and tax risks, within the limits imposed by the law, during the transmission process, both domestically and internationally.

The methodology applied is not limited to alternatives in Brazil, and may also involve structures abroad – such as, the constitution and management of trusts – depending on the characteristics of each case, combined with the previous experiences of our team in different scenarios and situations. From the planning stage, we help to implement the approved recommendations, coordinate the activities with third party providers – when necessary – and also to organize the information for easy access in case of a succession event.

This highly personalized and comprehensive service aims to assist our clients in the design and set-up of effective succession planning and was developed from our experience as external lawyers in specialized firms and as legal executives in leading organizations in several industries.

For more information, feel free to contact our team. We are always available for a conversation and presentation of the convenient structures and concrete results that succession planning can bring.