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Innovating and transforming an idea into a new company is a journey full of challenges, during which entrepreneurs and investors need to focus all their efforts on the execution of their business plans. In this context, being able to count on the assistance of professionals who can help them to understand and resolve the most relevant legal and tax aspects for their companies directly and efficiently can be fundamental. For entrepreneurs and investors in startups, this becomes even more evident, since having legal, tax and governance information to start solidly can make all the difference in the success of a new business.

With this in mind, we help the entrepreneur or investor to understand the operation, its objectives, and to define the best legal design for the startup. In addition to the incorporation of the company, investment vehicles, and the drafting of their governance and compliance documents, we advise our clients – whether entrepreneurs or investors – on the optimization of tax issues and the mapping and mitigation of legal and labor risks related to their activities.

Our team has extensive experience in the implementation of businesses, from the conception stage until the start of operations and beyond, including advice on negotiating with potential investors. Additionally, we have extensive experience in defining the most efficient tax and corporate structure for each type of business, as well as negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts and governance instruments with investors.

This consulting focused on startups is the result of our experience as external lawyers in leading firms and as legal executives in organizations at the most diverse stages of development. Thus, these services were developed with the objective of assisting our clients in setting up their businesses in a highly personalized way, aimed at delivering tangible results.

For more information on this array of services, feel free to contact our team, which is always available for a conversation and to organize a presentation of the potential benefits that we can bring to your startup.