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Property planning and protection & Management of structures in Brazil and abroad

The management of corporate structures, both domestic and abroad, can at times be exhausting and demanding of resources and time – two elements which, in the context of the dynamic times in which we live, need to be applied in an increasingly conscious and optimized way. Therefore, it becomes especially relevant to think about property planning and management of corporate structures as valuable tools for organizing documents and routines, as well as enhancement of asset security and corporate governance. All of these factors offer entrepreneurs financial and tax rationalization, in addition to fewer concerns and more time to devote to priority projects.

Thus, based on the individual aspects of each case, we outline the strategies to be adopted, considering the applicable risks and opportunities. We also consider the legislative changes implemented and proposed, closely monitoring tax impacts that may arise in each of these situations. Therefore, based on the diagnosis of our client’s profile, we work on the design, implementation, management and review of corporate structures, whether they are companies, associations, foundations, funds, or trusts located in Brazil or abroad.

As such, our team has professionals with experience in different scenarios and situations who are therefore prepared to assist our clients in the analysis, identification and implementation of the best corporate structure available for their investments or businesses. This is in addition to offering assistance before and after specific events, such as closing transactions, drafting and reviewing agreements, real estate transactions, financial investments and liquidity events.

This array of services is the result of our experience as external lawyers in specialized firms and as legal executives in leading organizations in multiple industries. Based on this trajectory, we developed this highly personalized service with the objective of assisting our clients in the planning and implementation of their property planning and management.

Feel free to contact us for more information about this service. Our team is always available to discuss and analyze your business.