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FATCA and CRS consulting

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a US law with an international scope that aims to fight tax evasion by increasing the transparency of information on taxable persons in the USA, especially those who maintain accounts and investments in institutions outside the country. The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a system developed to enable automatic exchange of tax information, aiming to fight tax fraud and evasion worldwide. With this purpose, the CRS focuses on equity, income or other investment gains obtained in countries other than the client’s tax residence.

All financial and similar institutions based in the countries that adhere to the CRS and are also subject to FATCA must identify and report tax information about their clients to the Brazilian tax authorities. In view of the need to fulfill these obligations, we offer specialized consulting aiming to monitor and develop the necessary conditions for all FATCA and CRS requirements to be met.

As such, we can review all the forms related to FATCA and CRS per business area of ​​the institution in order to verify if they have the necessary information, prepare a personalized manual according to the characteristics of each client, containing the main points related to FATCA and CRS. This is in addition to a diagnosis of the files delivered by the institution with possible points of attention and suggestions for improvement, preparing a flowchart by business area applicable to both individual and corporate clients in order to create a procedure that makes it easy to identify the cases in which FATCA or CRS is applicable, preparing a Q&A answering all questions presented by the institution regarding these laws, and preparing a presentation on FATCA and CRS that will be the basis for training to be carried out by our in-company team.

As such, we have a team with extensive experience in the tax and financial area. Our partners and associates have worked in leading law firms, national and international financial institutions and/or as legal executives in large organizations. Thus, we adopt a multidisciplinary and business vision, ensuring a greater understanding of the operations analyzed and a more objective solution to the problems presented by our clients. By adopting this approach, we speak the language of our partners and provide excellent service, not only through dynamic tax consulting, but also by looking at the economic and operational scenarios of the financial and capital markets.

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