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Introducing our SERVICE Policy

We are a young law firm, formed by experienced professionals in our practice areas that are united around the goal of being great partners in achieving our clients’ business goals. Thus, we provide specialized legal services related to tax, corporate law & governance, family & succession law, focusing mainly on companies and individuals, financial and non-financial institutions, investors, multilateral agencies, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance and reinsurance companies, startups and non-profit organizations.

The firm has developed an extensive network including corresponding offices located domestically and globally to provide multidisciplinary work, which is key, since most projects involve corporate, contractual, and tax aspects, as well as finance and accounting elements.

Our commitment to results and transparency translates into investments in technology and a constant search for direct and horizontal communication with our clients. We believe that the best solutions arise from open dialogues and, to that end, we strive to simplify what seems complex and always seek to communicate without unnecessary complications.

We take care of our clients’ demands in a personalized way, with the objective of identifying solutions that are in line with the needs of each business and implementing them in a sophisticated and secure way. Throughout this process, we focus 100% of our energy and resources on working as efficiently as possible, to ensure the wellbeing of the people involved and the longevity of our partnerships and relationships.

Our team combines corporate and financial knowledge and is fully dedicated to advising our clients in a direct and practical way. Our experience allows us to contextualize each project and structure the best solution in a harmonious and integrated manner. Therefore, we are prepared to assist our clients in all stages of a project, from its conception onward.