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Tax litigation: administrative and judicial proceedings

In an ideal tax world, there would be no assessment, questioning by the Tax Authorities, enrollment in active debt or tax enforcement. Taxpayers would pay what was legally imposed on them, contributing with their part to support and maintain public services, and the tax authorities would collect only what was due. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different: while taxpayers are looking for legal alternatives to reduce tax burdens, tax authorities – at the federal, state and local levels – try to collect the amount they believe is due and which is sometimes higher than that paid by citizens.

In view of this conflict of interest, it is natural that litigation will become inevitable in many cases, either at the initiative of the taxpayers – to defend themselves or to prevent charges they consider unfair – or at the initiative of the tax authority. In the first case, the only alternative is a judicial claim, whereas in the second, the discussion may be processed either through an administrative or a judicial claim.

According to the characteristics of each scenario, we guide and advise our clients, presenting the best strategies and measures to be taken, and putting them into practice once approved. To carry out this work, our team has qualified professionals who assist our clients in defending their interests and rights in all types and stages of administrative and judicial litigation: filing for legal action, defenses, follow-ups, due diligence, appeals, hearings and judgments.

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