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Startups are innovative companies that are still at an early development stage – they have just started their activities, and generally do not bring in profits in the beginning but do have the potential for rapid growth. Fintech companies are startups or companies that develop fully digital financial products, which are less bureaucratic, more transparent and challenge a market dominated by major banks. The big difference between them is that startups do not necessarily need to be a part of the financial industry, they can operate in the entertainment, insurance, food, technology, clothing, or any other industry.

Our firm specializes in assisting both categories and all the agents in this ecosystem: accelerators, incubators, angel investors, investment funds, including the effective organization of startups and fintech companies. In these cases, we work from the pre-operational stage (early stages) to the operational stage, assisting in the effective organization of companies, obtaining licenses, defining financial partnerships, and implementing the most appropriate business model from a regulatory and tax point of view.

Throughout the process, we consider the national innovation ecosystem and the dynamics of the investors and entrepreneurs involved. In addition, we provide tax consulting on legal feasibility analyses to format innovative business models, especially for the entry of such companies into regulated markets.

In this line of work, we also provide services such as: structuring business models that raise funds from the public (crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and peer to peer lending – P2P loans), developing new financial products and partner agreements, preparing the company to receive investments and develop tax planning that may contribute to carrying out the activity of the startup, fintech company or any other investment vehicle.

The provision of such comprehensive consulting is only possible because our team has extensive experience in the tax and economic-financial area. All our lawyers have worked in leading law firms, national and international financial institutions and/or as legal executives in large organizations. Thus, we adopt a multidisciplinary and business vision, ensuring a greater understanding of the operations analyzed and a more objective solution to the problems presented by our clients. By adopting this approach, we speak the language of our partners and provide excellent service, not only through dynamic tax consulting, but also by looking at the economic and operational scenarios of the financial and capital markets.

For more information, contact our team. We are available to talk to you and present the results this consulting could bring to your company.