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Setting up your business in Brazil

Entrepreneurs and investors need to focus their efforts and resources on executing their business plans. For this reason, being able to count on the assistance of professionals who can help them to understand and resolve the legal, tax and governance aspects of their operations directly and efficiently is often fundamental. In the case of entrepreneurs and investors who wish to set up a business abroad, this aspect becomes even more important.

In this context, we help foreign entrepreneurs to understand their company, its objectives, and to design the legal structure of their business in Brazil. In addition to the incorporation of the company and/or the investment vehicle and the drafting of their governance instruments, we advise our clients on the optimization of tax issues and the mapping and mitigation of legal and labor risks related to their activities.

Our team has relevant experience in the implementation of foreign business in Brazil, from the conception stage to the start of operations in the domestic market, including advice on the admission of foreign investment and remittance of profits to the source, having already carried out projects of this nature for clients in the financial, investment, and services industries.

In order to better assist our clients in setting up their business in Brazil, we offer this personalized service with highly tangible results, which is a product of our combined experience as external lawyers in leading firms and as legal executives in organizations at the most diverse stages of development. For more information, contact our team. We are available for a conversation and a presentation of the benefits that this advice could offer to your business.