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Family governance & International mobility

The desire for new opportunities and experiences, or even the search for tax, property and succession optimization, leads many people to move their homes to other countries. On the other hand, the opposite also happens, and those that live abroad, either by birth or by relocating to another country at some point, seek to establish themselves in Brazil. In this context of increasing global mobility, we are equipped to advise our clients with a full range of international practices related to international mobility, whether from or to Brazil.

In addition to logistics, estate and financial planning, numerous bureaucratic processes and procedures are necessary to effect such changes. To that end, we work to assist our clients in obtaining visas, citizenships and permit, domestic exit procedures, planning of the move, real estate procurement, and the creation and management of structures and trusts for tax and financial security. Above all, we seek for our clients and their families to achieve their desired objectives, such as comfort, improvement in financial aspects and quality of life, estate and succession planning, or harmonization between business and family, advising them from the planning stage up to the actual move, as well as advising them on a permanent basis after our clients arrive in their desired country.

In addition to having extensive experience with repatriation, our team works in coordination with service providers in several other countries, such as the United States, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Portugal, Malta and Switzerland, among others. Thus, thanks to the qualification and trajectory of our team, we are able to present alternatives according to the profile of each of our clients from a cultural, family and heritage perspective, offering comprehensive and, at the same time, highly personalized advice for individuals and families that have big changes ahead.