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Efficient legal department

If your business needs more support on legal issues or if it does not have an internal legal department, you can count on us as your legal advisor. Our team is always on hand to truly understand your business and provide the legal solutions that your business demands. We advise clients in all areas of business law, from tax consulting and litigation matters, to corporate governance and compliance projects.

The quest for efficiency is gradually becoming a consolidated trend in all industries. Thus, it becomes very important for businesses to be able to maintain lean teams, or even outsource certain activities. In this context, we have developed this array of services, with the certainty that by counting on us to offer efficient and well-structured legal solutions, our clients save time and resources to focus even more on the success of their core activities.

Our team has a solid history of results in negotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial agreements, corporate acts, governance and compliance policies, as well as in conducting tax analysis in Brazil and abroad, and advising on administrative and judicial litigations. Thus, whether to meet unforeseen demands or for specific projects, our clients can always count on our team’s experience to assist them in the most efficient way in their business law demands, whether they are early stage startups or publicly traded companies with shares listed on a stock exchange.

For more information, our team is available to organize a conversation and to make a presentation about the benefits that we could bring to your business in this line of work.