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Business model rationalization

Due to the growing demand of organizations of various sizes, sectors and origins for practical and well-founded solutions that increase the efficiency of their operations, we have developed an array of business model rationalization services.

This line of services consists of an analysis of the client’s corporate chart and business model, in Brazil and abroad, in order to identify risks and opportunities from a legal and tax perspective and, as a result, provide a detailed mapping of the company’s activities in the countries where it is present, together with an analysis of the aspects with potential for rationalization.

In addition to a comprehensive diagnosis of the most relevant legal and tax opportunities and risks for each organization, as a product of this service, we provide our clients with recommendations for concrete actions with positive short-term and long-term impacts on their operations.

Our team has extensive experience in identifying and implementing measures to rationalize business models on a global scale, including assessing the way our clients deal with issues related to the import and export of services and software. We have executed these kinds of projects for players in the retail, logistics, technology, agribusiness, construction, services and financial industries.

Thus, in order to better assist our clients in the improvement of their business models, we offer this personalized service with practical application that is the result of our combined experience as external lawyers in leading law firms and as legal executives in large organizations.

To find out more about our business model rationalization services and the results they can bring to your company, contact our team. We are always available for a chat.