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Accessory obligations and Income Tax returns

At the beginning of every year the same concern hangs over people: filing their income tax return. For some, there is also an additional complexity factor that is the requirement to submit the declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (DCBE). Tight deadlines, a host of documents, multiple fields to be informed and accounting calculations are some of the main hurdles that taxpayers face in relation to these declarations. In addition, several studies have shown that Brazil is the country where taxpayers spend the most hours throughout the year to comply with accessory obligations, many of them insufficiently disclosed and bearing heavy penalties in case of noncompliance.

Our team is composed of experienced and qualified professionals to assist our clients in the preparation, filing, fulfillment and monitoring of these obligations, including income tax returns and declarations of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (DCBE), as well as reviewing filings prepared by accountants. We also provide permanent advice to clients and accounting professionals on tax filings, tax calculations and inspections, giving the client greater security, better use of time and mitigation of risks due to noncompliance with such obligations. Thus, based on the assessment of the needs of each case, we can assist our clients in defining strategies to be adopted for better and more structured tax management, always aiming at financial optimization.

We offer this highly personalized service to better assist our clients in planning and implementing their asset management based on our experience as external lawyers in specialized firms. For more information, feel free to contact us. Our team is always available for a conversation and analysis of your case’s needs.